STAR TRACKER 127/900 EQ | D=127 / F=900mm EQ Reflector Telescope


The STARTRACKER 127/900 EQ Reflector Telescope is a superb telescope to begin your journey in Astronomy. Astronomy is quite an intriguing science and if you wish to introduce someone to it, then gift them the STARTRACKER 127/900 EQ Telescope.

It gives beginners an ideal tool to play around with and get acquainted with the skies. It’s compact and lightweight and can easily be carried in a padded carry bag manufactured be us here in INDIA. At the same time, the STARTRACKER 127/900 EQ Telescope has enough scope to keep you hooked to the celestial bodies.

Simply place the STARTRACKER 127/900 EQ Telescope at a convenient location and enjoy instant star gazing. The STARTRACKER 127mm Telescope contains high quality Kellner Eyepieces to give you a spectacular performance at a low price. It has a sturdy equatorial mount that helps track objects in the celestial sphere.

Included are THREE Eyepieces; one is a 25 mm Kellner Eyepiece that offers 36x magnification, 10 mm Kellner Eyepiece that offers 90x magnification while the other is an SR 4 mm eyepiece that offers 225x magnification. Add a 2x Barlow lens to this and you can double the magnification of all three Eyepieces.

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