STAR TRACKER 114/900 EQ 3-1 | D=114 / F=900mm [ RA Motor Drive ] Reflector Telescope


An all purpose telescope that will show you the best of the night sky. One that is fairly portable. One that is state-of-the-art. One that is fully loaded – a complete, ready-to-go STAR-TRACKER system telescope. It combines a fine tuned Newtonian Optical system with an equatorial mounting, aluminum tripod and array of top-quality STAR TRACKER System accessories. All for the price that makes the STAR TRACKER 114 EQ2 absolutely the hottest value for the backyard astronomy.

The 4.5″ diameter primary mirror is housed in an attractive, gloss-white metal durable steel tube with a 900mm focal length. With twice the light-gathering capability of an 80mm refractor. This telescope has the versatility to display detailed images of our solar system, as well as deep-sky luminaries like Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy and many deep sky object in greater detail.

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